Slideshows Uploaded!

Finally, a workable solution to allowing teachers, parents, and students to view the Microsoft Powerpoint presentations the students completed before Spring Break.  Click on the teacher’s name below to view the slide shows for that class.  Enjoy!

3rd Grade

Mrs. B lankenship’s class

Mrs. Hall’s class

Mrs. Hunter’s class

Mrs. McFall’s class

Ms. Rasberry’s class

4th Grade:

Mrs. Carrington’s class

Mrs. Lawrence’s class

Mrs. McCurdy’s class

Mrs. Smallwood’s class

Mrs. Zoutendam’s class

5th Grade:

Mrs. Ganong’s class

Mrs. Johnson’s class

Mr. McBride’s class

Mrs. Owens’ class

Mrs. Smith’s class

2 thoughts on “Slideshows Uploaded!

  1. WOW! The students did a wonderful job on their slide shows! Thank you Mrs. Peery for your hard work and dedication.

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