QR Code Treasure Hunt

This week the third graders had some QR Code fun with ClassTools QR Code Treasure Hunt.  I chose ten math questions from the 2010 3rd Grade Math TAKS test and went to ClassTools to create the treasure hunt.  The hunt was a cinch to create in ClassTools.  I printed off the codes and attached them to a yellow piece of construction paper and then taped or stapled them around the room.

I created answer documents for the students to place their answers on.  The documents were numbered to correspond to the number on the back of the iPod each team used.  I paired the students up (since I have a set of 12 iPod Touches.)  The first person I called on the team picked the iPod up from the holder and the second person on the team got the answer document.

I attached my iPad to the projector so I could show the students the QR Code reader app they would be using on the iPod.  The iPods and iPad were equipped with the i-nigma

Once the students were paired and equipped with their iPod and answer document, I sent them off to find the 10 codes while setting the timer for 20 minutes using the Timer+ app on the iPad.

When students scanned all the codes and answered the problems, or when time was called, students returned their answer documents to me.  I would not accept their documents from them until they had returned their pencils and iPod and thrown their trash away.  We worked all the problems together using the ShowMe app on my iPad.

I will have to say this was one of the most engaging activities I have done with my students.  Even though they were answering math problems (which is NOT the favorite subject of some of them), infusing the QR Code Treasure Hunt and completing the problems on the screen increased their interest!

QR Code Treasure Hunt



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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I didn’t know about the QR scavenger hunt generator! Plus, you have done such an amazing job of documenting the steps of the learning sequence! I teach preservice teachers, and we are just getting into QR codes to adapt hard copy books…you are an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing!

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