I cannot believe eleven weeks of school are already in the history books!  Although my blog does not reflect it, students have been busy in the lab working toward getting their web license.  As students finish the Digital Citizenship unit in Moodle, they are beginning a new unit that was created over the summer.  In July, I took advantage of the opportunity Google offered to take their Google Power Searching course to earn a certificate and become a better Google searcher.  I enjoyed the course so much and learned a great deal of useful information that I felt my students would also benefit from, so I created a course in Moodle for them to access.  I included twelve of the lessons found in the Google Power Searching course.  The third graders do lessons one through four, the fourth graders do lessons one through eight, and the fifth graders do lessons one through twelve.  The lessons consist of the Google video and a short assignment that shows me they watched the video.  I decided to have them turn the assignments in to me through Edmodo.  In Edmodo, I created an assignment for each lesson.  Students log in to Edmodo, click the Turn In button and leave a response or upload a file, depending on what the assignment calls for.  I spent some time this weekend grading the assignments.  Since I have over 300 students, I was a little apprehensive about how much time I would need to commit to in order to get the assignments graded in a timely manner.  I was SO pleasantly surprised!  Not only was the grading quick, it was a great deal of fun, as well.  In some cases, I was even able to award badges to students for going the extra mile.  Below are a few images of the process:

Google Power Searching Unit in Moodle

Google Power Searching Lessons in Moodle

Google Power Searching Lesson Two in Moodle

Assignments for Google Power Searching Lessons in Edmodo

Edmodo Grading Page

Edmodo Badge Page

Google Power Searcher Certificate

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