Do You Need Caffeine?

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Do you need caffeine? No, I am not talking about the kind that comes from a coffee bean. The one I am referring to is the macbook app that keeps your screen from going to sleep. I was very impressed with the third grade teachers last night at our Meet the Teacher event as they were all projecting their instructions directed to parents from their computers onto their whiteboard. When they noticed before the event that their screen would go blank (from going into sleep mode), they installed the Caffeine app. Once enabled, it kept their image projected for the entire hour. I have been in workshops before where the presenter is in the uncomfortable position of having to “wake up” their screen. This is a great solution to that problem. Once installed, a coffee cup icon will appear in the menu bar. Clicking on it enables the app to keep your computer from going into sleep mode. Clicking again turns it off. The app can also be customized.

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