Super Digital Citizen

This week third graders are being introduced to digital citizenship and fourth and fifth graders are reviewing digital citizenship through Common Sense Media’s lesson titled “Super Digital Citizen.” ¬†Common Sense Media is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers regarding the use of technology and how to understand and manage its impact on students. Students watched the video embedded below to begin a conversation about how to be a Super Digital Citizen.

After the discussion, students logged in to their blogs to create a post titled Super Digital Citizen. In the blog post, students gave their superhero a name and described their superhero’s super power. Students accessed the program Tuxpaint to draw a picture of their superhero. After screen capturing the image, students added it to their post. ¬†Here is just one example:


Be sure to check out your child’s blog and ask them about their character’s superpower. You may also be interested in this fact sheet from Common Sense Media.

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