Bullying vs Cyberbullying

This week all students in technology will participate in Common Sense Media, Unit 3, Lesson 4 What’s Cyberbullying. ┬áStudents will compare and contrast Bullying to Cyberbullying by dragging the phrases from the side to the area on the Venn diagram it belongs. ┬áThis will be a whole group activity done at the front of the room using the projector.


After visualizing the similarities and differences, students will begin to understand why cyberbullying is so much more devastating to the victim.  Because of the effects on the victim, some states have made cyberbullying a criminal offense.

Students will then log in to Edmodo on their computer to read this scenario from the Common Sense Media lesson.


and answer a question posted to each grade level group shown below.






Families can find out more by going over this Family Fact Sheet.



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