MakerSpace Mania


For the past two weeks Nurse Jones has been completing her mandatory vision and hearing screenings for all 3rd-5th grade students. To help accommodate her, the students have been enjoying the MakerSpace in the computer lab.  In the MakerSpace students are given the opportunity to choose how and what they will create.  I have students building simple Rube Goldberg machines with Hot Wheels and cups, making amazing creations out of playdoh, crafting a teepee village from straws and craft sticks, scripting puppet shows, learning about circuits with Little Bits, engineering balloon powered cars with Legos, discovering the art of stop motion with playdoh and Legos, fashioning jewelry from WonderBands, discovering the art of origami, and designing sculptures in Tinkercad and then watching their creations come to life on the MakerBot 3d printer.

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