Digital Citizenship – Private and Personal Information/You’ve Won a Prize

This week, 3rd graders will be presented with Common Sense Media Lesson Unit 1, Lesson 2 Private and Personal Information. In this lesson, students will learn to think critically about the user information that some websites request or require in order to register. Students will understand the difference between private and personal information, distinguishing what is safe and unsafe to share online.
As a class, we will create an account on to understand what information will be required. We will discuss the information that was shared in order to register for the site and discuss with a partner by using turn and talk whether the information that was shared was safe to share. Students will understand that personal information is generally safe to share, but private information is not. Students will then watch this video to learn the 10 things that are considered private information and should not be shared online without their parent or teacher’s permission.

Students will then log in to their Edmodo account to take a 15 item quiz by categorizing the 15 items as private or personal information.

Parents can download the Family tip sheet for Personal and Private Information by clicking on the link.

5th graders will be presented with Common Sense Media Lesson Unit 2, Lesson 3, You’ve Won a Prize. Students will understand the definition of spam and how to handle spam when they are confronted with it.  Students will compare spam to junk mail that comes in the mailbox.  Students will understand these important tips for dealing with spam:

*Don’t open messages from people you do not know.

*If you open a message by mistake, don’t click on links or download files.

*Never reply to emails or IMs from people you don’t know.

*Don’t reply to spam, even to tell the spammer not to send any more messages.

*Flag emails as “junk” or “spam”.

*Watch out for messages that ask for your private information.

*Tell an adult you trust about any messages that makes you uncomfortable or comes from someone you do not know.

Students will then read the following story independently and answer the 3 questions.  The story and questions will be posted in Edmodo in the WOLab Class of 2024 group.

***One day Charlie gets an email from an address he doesn’t know. In the Subject box it says “You’ve won a prize!” The message reads, “Congratulations! You’ve won a big prize! To claim your prize, click here.” There is no name at the end of the message.Charlie clicks on the link and sees a webpage advertising a face cream. He tries to close the page, but other advertising pages pop up for tooth-whitening and foot-odor products. Every time Charlie closes a page, another ad pops up. He can’t seem to get off the site.

  1. What do you think Charlie thought when he got this email?
  2. Why do you think Charlie opened the email?
  3. Was it a good idea to click on the Web link? Why or why not?
  4.  What should Charlie do next?***

Parents can download the Family tip sheet for You’ve Won a Prize by clicking on the link.

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