The Accent Gave It Away

Today my second grade Gifted/Talented students from Texas participated in a Mystery Skype with another second grade classroom from Maine. (I discovered this teacher through the Elementary Teachers 40HTW Club on Facebook. The 40HTW is a year long professional development community led by Angela Watson. Participating in this course has been more than worth the investment in time and money.)  This was the first Mystery Skype experience for most of my second graders.  In a Mystery Skype, the students take turns asking each other yes or no questions regarding the state they are located.  We were stunned when the classroom we were skyping with guessed our location in only two guesses! When we asked how they guessed us so quickly, they said they knew we were from Texas because of our accent! My students decided the next opportunity we have to Mystery Skype, we are going to speak with a British accent.



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