Interactive Board Games

The fifth graders spent the last eight weeks of class in groups designing their own interactive board games.  The idea came from the Labz section of the MakeyMakey site.  Students first learned to write simple programs using Scratch.  Students were equipped with cardboard scissors and copper conductive adhesive tape purchased from Amazon that made the design process a little easier along with a MakeyMakey kit.  Students were required to design and print their game pieces using the Tinkercad website and our MakerBot 3D printer.

Here is the rubric that guided their progress:


You can download the file by clicking here.

The slideshow below was created using the DriveSlides Chrome extension created by Alice Keeler and Matt Dillon.  Download the extension, create a folder of your images in Google Drive, click on the image folder and then the extension and a Google Slides presentation is automatically created AND populated with you images.  A shout-out and thank-you to my colleague and good friend, Pam Cranford, for alerting me to this awesomeness!


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