Assess for Understanding with EDPuzzle

Another great tool I am using this year works seamlessly with Google Classroom.  EDPuzzle is a site that allows you to import your students from Google Classroom.  You can search for videos or upload your own and assign them to individual classes.  Within EDPuzzle you have editing tools that allow you to crop the video and embed questions along the way to assess your students’ understanding.  As the managing teacher, you can easily view reports that show how your students did on the questions.  The only tricky part has been teaching students to check whose account they are in when they click on the link to EDPuzzle in Google Classroom.  The log out button is just a right facing arrow to the right of the screen, so it does not look familiar to students as a log out feature at first.  Once students know to check the account they are in, it is very easy to sign out of an existing account, click the EDPuzzle link again and choose their name by clicking on the Google sign in option.  Since they are signed in to Google Classroom already, they simply find their name in the drop down list and they are logged in to their account.  Posted below is an example of how this looks in an assignment in Google Classroom and the tutorial video that accompanies the lesson.

Double click the image above to see it clearly.

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