Pixel Problems and Portraits Using Google Sheets

I recently attended the annual TCEA Convention in Austin, Texas.  I was blessed to be able to present a session on using Google Sheets to spark creativity in students.  The presentation in Google Slides is shown below.

During the course of preparing for that presentation, I discovered some great resources from Alice Keeler and Eric Curts.  When I returned from the convention, I assigned my fourth grade students an activity that uses matching google sheets vocabulary terms with a certain color to reveal a hidden message.  That activity can be found by clicking here.  (It will make a copy.)

Here is what it looks like:

Keying off of the math spreadsheet created by Eric Curts, I then assigned an activity that reviews the definition of certain types of quadrilaterals along with figuring the area and perimeter.  Due to an astute observation from a student, I realized I could use conditional formatting to make the answer boxes self correcting.  The spreadsheet I assigned can be found by clicking here.  (It will force you to make a copy).  I included a tab at the end where they could create their own pixel art.  I was totally blown away by not only their excitement and engagement, but by their incredible creativity.  The slideshow below features their creations.

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