Compassionate Crochet Club

My co-worker and friend, Pam Cranford, taught me to crochet two years ago on our trip to TCEA in Austin.  More than once, I wanted to toss my yarn and hook out the window, but she encouraged me to persevere, so I stuck with it.  I was able to complete two messy bun beanies that trip.  When I returned home, I began seeing items crocheted out of plastic grocery bags.  I was intrigued.  What a wonderful way to recycle.  My first attempt was making ottomans, but after sitting on them awhile, they quickly lost their height and became big floor cushions.  I have alternative seating in my classroom, so the idea struck me to crochet seat cushions for my “tree stumps” since our theme this year is camping.

Some students also became intrigued and wanted to learn to crochet.  I posted some how to videos on our Makerspace webmix and began the process of teaching them the craft.  Once students are fairly proficient, we are going to start crocheting to meet some needs in our community.  I was inspired by the Magic Yarn Project, and realized we have needs right here at home.  The first project will be to crochet these smiley face balls to take to the pediatric ward of our local hospital at Christmas. I am excited about where this all may lead and the joy it will bring my students and the recipients of their labors of love!


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