5th Graders Share the Gift of Reading

Public Disclosure:  The contents of this blog post is the brain child of 5th grade teacher, April McFall.  I am a casual observer, reporter, and amazed fellow educator!  Mrs. McFall created an amazing opportunity for our 5th graders to share the gift of reading with the PreK students in our building five years ago.  It has become a very important annual tradition.  In the past few years, her efforts have been supported by fellow 5th grade teacher, Shannon Ummel.  The fifth graders created Christmas alphabet books and number books for the PreK students.  They also illustrated them.  Mrs. McFall compiled them and packaged them in gift bags.  With the help of 5th grade parents, each PreK student will receive an originally authored and illustrated alphabet and number book along with a pair of pajamas and other books donated by teachers and parents. The fifth graders and PreK students met together in the computer lab for the exchange.


When students return from Christmas break, they will create a slideshow of their book to post on their own blog. You can enjoy their amazing creativity by clicking through the slideshows embedded below.
123 for Achilles

ABC for Achilles

123 for Addison

ABC for Addison

123 for Aurora

ABC for Aurora

123 for Brea

ABC for Brea

123 for Elijah

ABC for Elijah

123 for Ethan

ABC for Ethan

123 for Fannin

ABC for Fannin

123 for Jaiden

ABC for Jaiden

123 for Jo

ABC for Jo

123 for Keagon

ABC for Keagon

123 for Kenzley

ABC for Kenzley

123 for Kylee

ABC for Kylee

123 for Macee

ABC for Macee

123 for McKenna

ABC for McKenna

123 for Paisley

ABC for Paisley

123 for Ruston

ABC for Ruston

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