Who’s Driving?

The 4th and 5th graders will be taking their license test to renew their web license this week.  The test consists of 20 questions posted on a Google Form.  They will access it through a link in Google Classroom.  Students must score 100 percent to get their license back.  If they miss any questions, they may retake the quiz as often as needed.  Students receive initial instructions for being a good digital citizen while in the 3rd grade.  They then earn their web license by passing the web license test.  Licenses are taken up at the end of their 3rd and 4th grade year.   Before taking the quiz, students will participate in a discussion about the necessity for understanding the rules for being a good digital citizen.  Students will watch the video posted below and discuss these topics:

Is there anything in the video that concerns you?

Why is it a concern?

What needs to happen so there is no concern?

How does the video relate to you and your web license?

What dangers can be avoided by knowing the “rules of the road” for internet safety?

The 3rd graders will learn how to screen capture their screen (Command, Shift, 3) or a part of their screen (Command, Shift 4) and turn it in using Google Classroom.

The video ended up being the perfect tool to create a discussion of the importance of understanding the “rules of the road” in order to be safe while using the internet.  I have decided to use this video next week when I introduce the topic of Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety to the 3rd graders.  Most of the students were successful in renewing their web license during the class period.  I continued to use the small group method of instruction for the 3rd graders in teaching them how to create a screen capture and turn it in using Google Classroom.  I split the class into three small groups.



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