Cospaces, Licenses, and Passwords

This week we are very fortunate to have Jaime Donally, the author of “Learning Transported” and host of the ARVRinEDU website visit a 5th grade class to demonstrate using Cospaces for creating augmented and virtual reality.  Under her skillful leadership, students will be creating their own virtual environments on ipads borrowed from another teacher.  I will follow her example to teach the other 4 classes of 5th graders how to log in and create using Cospaces.

Third graders will be introduced to the unit on Digital Citizenship by watching the Who’s Driving? video.  After the video, students will discuss why it is important for people to have a license before driving a car.  Students will understand that a drivers license represents that the license holder has demonstrated they know the rules of the road and know how to be safe while driving a car.  After discovering the internet was initially called the “Information Superhighway”, students will relate how the internet can also pose dangers.  Those dangers require them to learn the “rules of the internet” to keep themselves and others safe. Students will sign in to Google Classroom and post a comment about one danger they may face on the internet. After completing the unit on Digital Citizenship, students will take a test to earn their web license.

Fourth graders will complete the Common Sense Digital Passport module called Password Protect.  The module takes them through the process to complete a strong password.  After completing the activity, students will screen capture the certificate and turn it in to Google Classroom.

WHAT A WEEK!  The 5th graders have been TOTALLY ENGAGED with Cospaces!  Their excitement and enjoyment have been amazing and inspirational!  I was a little concerned about following in Jaime Donally’s footsteps to engage with the other 5th grade classes.  I chose to have them sign in and create on the macbooks instead of borrowing ipads.  After the initial class, I also let them tell me how they wanted to be grouped.  I have been BLOWN AWAY by their creativity.  Here are just a few scenes:

The 5th grade social studies teacher, April McFall, is interested in creating a lesson plan for students to create a historical event using Cospaces.  I am currently using the free trial, which will expire October 19th.  I plan to write a grant through the White Oak Education Foundation to get a subscription for the year.


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