More Cospaces, Twalkers and Personal vs Private

Last week left 5th graders begging for more time with Cospaces, so this week they will be given the task to create a virtual space: zoo, museum, art gallery, etc. in their small groups.

The third graders will understand the difference between personal and private information when posting anything online.  Students will watch the Brain Pop video titled “Information Privacy.”  They will log in to Google Classroom and complete the activity Personal vs Privacy. Students will drag the image to the correct column. An image of the activity is posted below:

Fourth graders will sign in to Google Classroom and complete the activity from Digital Passport called Twalkers. After completing the module, students will screen capture the certificate and turn it in to Google Classroom.

I made some changes to the 3rd grade expectations last week due to another quick activity that needed to be assigned.  This year, White Oak Primary and Intermediate students will have the opportunity to participate in UIL events.  The coordinator for our campus asked me to create a form to gage interest.  I created the form in Google Forms and posted it as an assignment in Google Classroom.  Due to the fact that 3rd graders are new to Google Classroom, I decided to split the lesson for them in to two separate weeks.  This week they completed the UIL Interest Form and watched the Brain Pop video together as a class.  Next week we will review the need to keep some personal information private before completing the Google Drawing.

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