More Typing Club, Evolve, and Blogging

This week 5th graders will continue their progress in Typing Club.  Their goal is to complete through lesson 34 which will include the home row keys of a,s,d,f,j,k,l,; and the top letters of r,u,e, and i.  The 4th graders will complete the Evolve module in Digital Passport.  In this module, students are presented with situations where they need to stand up to bullying online. The 3rd graders will learn how to access their blog, log in and create their first post.  Students will post an image of the activity they completed in Google Classroom last week where they moved images of personal information into the proper column of safe to share or not safe to share.

Some 4th graders had a more difficult time with the Digital Passport Evolve lesson than previous lessons because it was language intensive.  The module presented different scenes where students had to choose the best response.  Fortunately, a student discovered an audio component.  When a students clicks on the flower in the graphic, the passage and answer choices is read for them!  I so appreciate Common Sense Media for including this great help.

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