Kahoot Review, Symmetry, and the Gift of Reading

Students will be working on these assignments for the week ending January 17th:

3rd Grade – Students will review for their web license test by playing Kahoot.  There are 20 questions on the test, so the review will be broken down in to 10 questions per session to allow time for discussion and clarification.  Students LOVE reviewing this way.

4th Grade – Several years ago, the 4th grade teachers requested I cover some math vocabulary if time permitted.  This week, students will understand what symmetry means.  They will watch this video before doing an assignment to demonstrate their understanding:

For the activity, students will access a copy of a google sheet that shows the alphabet.  Students will determine if the letter is vertically symmetrical and/or horizontally symmetry by placing an X in the cell.  If the answer is incorrect, the cell will turn red.  If the answer is correct, the cell will turn green.  As a final self check, students will count the letters that are asymmetrical and type the number in the cell provided that is colored red.  When the answer is correct, the cell will turn green.  Students will not submit (or TURN IN) their sheet if there are any red cells. The google sheet was made using conditional formatting.  I learned this trick from Alice Keeler.  Click on the image below to get a link to force a copy of the google sheet I assigned:

5th Grade: 5th graders created Christmas alphabet books and Christmas counting books to gift to our PreK students before Christmas.  Students were assigned groups where they created couplets and illustrated the pages.  There were 15 counting books and 15 alphabet books.  Students will access the images shared with their group of the pages they created.  They will create a google slideshow displaying one image per page.  Next week, students will share their creations with the world by posting them to their blog.  Here is just one example:


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