Staying At Home

As of now per our governor, Gregg Abbot, we are staying at home for at least four more weeks.  I know this is not what any of us even imagined our “after spring break” classrooms would look like. I have posted assignments for all third through fifth graders in Google Classroom.  The assignments are voluntary and are using Tony Vincent’s Shapegrams to teach students how to use Google Draw.  I am checking Google Classroom daily for submitted assignments and have really enjoyed the creativity of my students.  I will make a slideshow of some of their drawings in the next week or two.  In addition to specific assignments, I  also added  a page to the TechNeck Site webmix that includes a link to a site to make your own merge cube and print out coloring pages that come alive when scanning with the Quivervision app.


Another announcements I added to Google Classroom is a link to a website that includes 25 Makerspace Project Ideas.  I have encouraged students to take picture of what they build and post to their blog.


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