Aug. 16-Aug. 20

3rd Grade

Third graders will understand the procedures for entering the computer lab, signing in to Google Classroom to complete the assignment, how to spend their free time, and leaving the computer lab.  Students will log in to Google Classroom and add the technology class.  They will then complete an example lesson and turn it in.  As always, students may have free time by engaging with any designated website on the TechNeckSites slideshow.

4th-5th Grade

Students will complete and assignment in Google Classroom called Photo Flashcards.  This google slideshow was created by Eric Curts.  To get your own copy of the template, click here.  Each student has their designated slide with their name on it.  They edit the slide by telling me one thing they want me to know about them and one thing that annoys them.  They add a photo of themselves by following the directions on the slide.  Eric has the transitions set to where the photo pops up first with a pause before the name appears.  I will use it as flashcards to help me learn the names of my 325+ students.

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