Aug. 30-Sept. 3

3rd Graders will be learning how to type in the address to their blog, log in with their blog username and password, and create their first post titled My First Post. Students will also understand how to take a screen shot of their screen and turn it in to Google Classroom.  Here is an example of the first post:

4th Graders will continue their review of digital citizenship by completing the Digital Passport module called Share Jumper.  In this module, students are faced with a decision of whether something is safe to share, like your telephone number or address.  Students learned in third grade there are ten things they should not share online without their parents’ permission. Click on the image below to go to the module:

5th graders will be taking their web license test.  They can take the test as many times as necessary.  When students answer all 20 questions correctly, they will receive their web license.


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