Inspiration and Hope

I had an incident occur this week that inspired me and brought hope to my heart.  A fourth grade student had been working on an individual project for about five weeks.  She was learning how to play The Star Spangled Banner on an electronic keyboard by watching the youtube video below:

She had earphones plugged into the keyboard so as not to disturb the other students in the computer lab. On Thursday, she had finally memorized her song and asked me if I wanted to hear her play it. I unplugged her headphones to listen. She was stationed in the back of the computer lab, so as I faced her, my back was to most of the other students in the room. As she began to play, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned around to see what it was, I could barely believe my eyes! To my complete surprise, most of the students in the class had stopped what they were doing and were STANDING WITH THE HANDS OVER THEIR HEARTS!  When she finished her song, they broke out in thunderous applause.  It did my heart good.

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