Nov. 1-Nov. 5

4th and 5th Grade-Students began working on their animated slide to count down the days until Christmas.  Students use a program called Tuxpaint to create a unique background image for their slide.  Next week, students will use the image they created as the background to a Keynote slide where they will animate the countdown to Christmas.  The best 13 animations will be used in Morning Announcements during the month of December.

3rd Grade-Students are continuing to learn about Digital Citizenship.  Today they discovered what their response should be when they come across something online that is not appropriate.  LEAVE AND TELL!  After watching the video below, students decorated a google slide with the words Leave and Tell.  They were able to choose the font, color, and size of the words, change the background, and add images.  Next week students will post the image to their blog.  Below are a few examples of student creations.


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