Nov. 15-Nov. 19

4th and 5th Grade-Students completed and turned in their Countdown to Christmas keynote slide.  Now the hard task of choosing 15 to feature in Morning Announcements begins.  You can see them by watching the December Morning Announcements on the homepage of Morning Announcements of the Archived Page of the same blog.

3rd Grade-Students understand that one way to stay safe online is to realize It’s Not All True.  Students reviewed the website “Save the Northwest Pacific Tree Octopus” to see that just because it looks like the truth, does not make it true. Click on the image below to view the website.


Students then watched a video from BrainPop called “Online Sources”  to understand where and what to look for to validate information posted online.  Students learned five vocabulary terms to help them get a better understanding.  Students then completed an activity where they matched the term to its definition. The slide will be posted to their blog the week we return from Thanksgiving break.

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