Apr. 11- Apr. 15

5th Grade – Students completed the assignment in Sphero EDU called Blocks 1.  Students used the block code to create a program that instructed their Sphero Bolt to roll in the shape of a square.  Students then experimented with changing the code to roll in different shapes.  They also added sounds and lights to their programs.

4th Grade – Students reviewed characteristics of triangles and polygons by engaging with the slideshow below.  Students moved the characteristic listed on the right to the left if it applied to that shape.  To get a copy of the slideshow below, click on this link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Kwff8jG5RwzsPjyAZ9ii_SSFmuMHvZ0JT5gWWHQolPU/copy

3rd Grade – Students took their Web License Quiz to earn their Web License.

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