Sept. 20-Sept. 24

5th Grade – Students are continuing to build muscle memory for touch typing in the TypingClub platform.  Students are working at their own pace to complete the first 126 lessons.

4th Grade – Students will complete the Digital Passport module called Evolve.  This module reviews the concept of learning to be an upstander to bullies and cyberbullies.

3rd Grade – Third grade is beginning their unit of Digital Citizenship. Students will watch the video embedded below that relates driving a car without knowledge or experience of potential dangers to being on the internet without knowledge of potential dangers.  Students will then watch the Information Privacy video in Brain Pop. As students work through the units, they are gaining the knowledge they need to earn their Web License.



Sept. 13-Sept. 17

This is Homecoming week for White Oak, which is a big deal since it only happens every three years.  I attended Region 7’s workshop on the Robotics Board Competition for 4th and 5th grade G/T students Monday.  All students are indicating their interests in UIL events by filling out a form that was assigned in Google Classroom.  Teams will be forming and practices will begin in the next week or two. Here are the grade level assignments for the week:

Grade 5 – Students are continuing to work at their own pace through Typing Club to build muscle memory in order to touch type faster and more accurately.

Grade 4 – Students are reviewing the concept of using technology without being distracted by it with the Digital Passport module Twalkers.

Grade 3 – Students are understanding how to take a screen shot of their screen and turn it in to Google Classroom.  Students will screen shot their blog post from last week and turn it in.

Sept. 7-Sept. 10

Things are rocking along in technology.  Monday is a school holiday.  Fifth graders are beginning to help record and produce Morning Announcements.  You can catch the daily announcements here at

3rd Graders-Third graders are continuing to learn how to log in to their blog and create a post.  This week they are understanding how to screen capture their screen and import it as an image to their blog.

4th Graders-Students are continuing to work through the modules in Digital Passport to review key digital citizenship concepts before re-taking their web license test.  This week they are completing the module called Search Shark.  In this module, students find the best key words to use in an internet search.

5th Graders-Students begin the process of learning how to touch type.  Students work at their own pace through the online program called Typing Club.

Aug. 30-Sept. 3

3rd Graders will be learning how to type in the address to their blog, log in with their blog username and password, and create their first post titled My First Post. Students will also understand how to take a screen shot of their screen and turn it in to Google Classroom.  Here is an example of the first post:

4th Graders will continue their review of digital citizenship by completing the Digital Passport module called Share Jumper.  In this module, students are faced with a decision of whether something is safe to share, like your telephone number or address.  Students learned in third grade there are ten things they should not share online without their parents’ permission. Click on the image below to go to the module:

5th graders will be taking their web license test.  They can take the test as many times as necessary.  When students answer all 20 questions correctly, they will receive their web license.


Aug. 23-Aug. 27

Third graders will be signing in to Google Classroom to access and edit their homeroom Photo Flashcard slideshows like fourth and fifth graders completed last week.

Fourth graders are beginning their review of what it means to be a good digital citizen by completing the modules offered by Common Sense Media in Digital Passport.  The module assigned this week will help them understand how to create a strong password.  When they complete the module, students will screen capture the certificate and upload it to Google Classroom to turn in.

Fifth graders will review for their web license test by playing a game of Kahoot.  There are 20 questions students must answer correctly to receive their web license back.  The template for their license is pictured below.

Aug. 16-Aug. 20

3rd Grade

Third graders will understand the procedures for entering the computer lab, signing in to Google Classroom to complete the assignment, how to spend their free time, and leaving the computer lab.  Students will log in to Google Classroom and add the technology class.  They will then complete an example lesson and turn it in.  As always, students may have free time by engaging with any designated website on the TechNeckSites slideshow.

4th-5th Grade

Students will complete and assignment in Google Classroom called Photo Flashcards.  This google slideshow was created by Eric Curts.  To get your own copy of the template, click here.  Each student has their designated slide with their name on it.  They edit the slide by telling me one thing they want me to know about them and one thing that annoys them.  They add a photo of themselves by following the directions on the slide.  Eric has the transitions set to where the photo pops up first with a pause before the name appears.  I will use it as flashcards to help me learn the names of my 325+ students.

Aiming for a Super Sonic Year!

I am approaching close to 20 years as the technology teacher at White Oak Intermediate School.  There is a temptation to ride the wave of complacency and let the procedures put in place in prior years carry me through the year without much effort on my part.  I discovered years ago a fascination with super sonic jets.  I think it was at an air show at the Gregg County Airport where I witnessed a fighter jet zoom by the crowd in total silence, and then moments later the amazing sound blasted through the air, so when the video below appeared in my youtube feed, I just had to watch it. Something the creator of the video said near the end stuck with me. He said,
“This is what I learned flying with the Air Force Thunderbirds.  Sometimes in life I get overconfident, and I’m probably not the only one that does this, but maybe I’m overconfident because of something I’ve learned in a book, or overconfident because of a life experience I’ve already had that’s similar to this one, or maybe even because of a past success I had. Here’s where I’m at right now, though. If I don’t approach each new experience with an appropriate balance between confidence and humility, there’s a good chance I’m going to be humbled by force. So moving forward, whether it’s a physical challenge or a discussion with a friend, I’m going to try to maintain that balance between confidence and humility.” (Quote by Destin from SmarterEveryDay)
To see the entire incredible episode, click below.

Maker Monday Projects

These are images from student creations during our Maker Monday series.  Students turned in the images through a Google Classroom assignment.  I love to see their creativity and individualization of these projects!

Maker Monday – iPhone Speaker

Today’s project is a quick and easy way to create a speaker for your device. The video tutorial shows an iphone speaker using a toilet paper tube. You can just as easily create a speaker for an ipad or tablet by using a paper towel tube. If you create one, I would love for you to share it with me by posting a picture in the comments or turning the image in to me in Google Classroom under the assignment with this title.


Maker Monday – Pinwheel

Today’s project is creating a pinwheel from paper and pencil.  I love pinwheels.  They are easy to make and very entertaining to watch.  The video below shows you one method for making a pinwheel.  If there are objects used that you do not have access to, try to think of things you might substitute in order to make your creation.  If you do not have push pins, what might you use instead?  Here is a method posted on Instructables using a brad instead of a pushpin:  Here is another tutorial using a straight pin instead of a pushpin: