Funny Video Clip for the week

One thought on “Funny Video Clip for the week

  1. Mrs Peery! I was working on something and was instantly reminded of you, so I came to your blog and saw “funny video of the week” so, knowing me, I clicked it and watched all the videos (that weren’t blocked from my chromebook). But then I remembered the real reason I came to your blog: I will be very glad to let you know that I am working on a video game! A real one called The Enigma of the Great Pyramids! I am making it for my PBL project in GT, and after we are through presenting it, I will be glad to add enemies, obstacles, and more into the mix so it will be a fun game! You will always be able to see it on this website:
    (P.S. If you haven’t already heard of this site, it is really awesome and you can put it on the I’m Done, Now What? symbaloo page!)

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