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On May 17, 2013, White Oak Intermediate School took six teams of students to compete in the 2013 Region 7 Demolition Deva Robotics Competition. Nina Peery and Mary Underwood were the sponsoring teachers and several parents attended as well. The site for this great event was the LeTourneau Solheim Recreation Center, and it was an all day affair. Students were given the task to design their Lego Mindstorms robot to complete two different tasks. The first task took place in a square area where the robots were given points for pushing cars and bling out of the circle and placing cars into different containers. Each team was allowed two tries on this board. The second task was to build and program their robot to “drag race” by following a straight black line. The quickest time was awarded a prize. This was the first year for any of our students to be given the opportunity to build and program the robot. The teams at the competition consisted of fourth through eighth graders. Below is the standings for the White Oak Intermediate School teams.
WO Emeralds placed 19th out of 117 teams with 147 points
WO Citrine placed 35th out of 117 teams with 102 points
WO Rubies placed 39th out of 117 teams with 94 points
WO Saphires placed 43rd out of 117 teams with 85 points
WO Diamonds placed 61st out of 117 teams with 70 points
WO Pearls placed 100th out 117 teams with 32 points


Programming Tutorial Part 1

Programming Tutorial Part 2

Following a line using the light sensor

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