Sept. 13-Sept. 17

This is Homecoming week for White Oak, which is a big deal since it only happens every three years.  I attended Region 7’s workshop on the Robotics Board Competition for 4th and 5th grade G/T students Monday.  All students are indicating their interests in UIL events by filling out a form that was assigned in Google Classroom.  Teams will be forming and practices will begin in the next week or two. Here are the grade level assignments for the week:

Grade 5 – Students are continuing to work at their own pace through Typing Club to build muscle memory in order to touch type faster and more accurately.

Grade 4 – Students are reviewing the concept of using technology without being distracted by it with the Digital Passport module Twalkers.

Grade 3 – Students are understanding how to take a screen shot of their screen and turn it in to Google Classroom.  Students will screen shot their blog post from last week and turn it in.

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