Feb. 7 – Feb. 11

5th Grade – Students continued working on their Animate a Name coding in Scratch.

4th Grade – Students were given the opportunity to finish any work that had not been completed, including posting their animated snowman gif to their blog.

3rd Grade – Students used the time in the computer lab to complete their own acronym for the letters H, P, C, F.

Jan. 31 – Feb. 4

5th Grade – Students were introduced to creating block code in Scratch. Students went to scratch.mit.edu and logged in with the username and password created for them. Once they clicked get started, students completed the registration page then clicked Go to Class. Students clicked on IDEAS, scrolled down and clicked on Animate a Name. They followed the tutorial to animate their name. Students gave the program the title of their first name. When they completed the task, they shared it and added to the studio created for this project.

Here are a few examples of completed projects:

4th Grade – Students worked on completing their animated snowman gif and posting it to their blog.

3rd Grade

Image from:https://www.flickr.com/photos/wfryer/5798145636

Students learned about the acronym Harry Potter Can Fly. The image above was created by Wes Fryer’s daughter, Rachel, in order to help students understand the importance of preserving the intellectual property rights of others. They understood that the four letters stand for the order they should consider using when looking for content: 1)H- make it yourself 2) P-search the public domain 3) C-search creative commons 4) F-when all else fails (if using it for educational purposes and it falls within the guidelines) claim fair use. Students clicked on the slideshow to get their own copy a slide with the letters H, P, C, F. Students created their own unique acronym for HPCF. Students used the text box tool to add the rest of the word next to each letter. Students used the explore tool to search for a picture to go with their acronym. Here are a few examples of student creations:

Jan. 24 – Jan. 28

3rd Grade – Students learned about Creative Commons by watching and discussing the videos posted below:

They used the embed code to the top video and posted to their blog under the title Creative Commons.

4th Grade – Students posted their Snowman GIF to their blog and titled it Snowman GIF.

5th Grade – Students began where they left in Typing Club and worked hard to complete the first 125 modules.

Jan. 17 – Jan. 21

Monday, January 17th was a school holiday.

3rd Grade – Students posted the Copyright and Creativity video on Understanding Copyright to their blog. The video is posted below:


4th Grade – Students used the TallTweets website to turn their snowman slideshow in google slides into a GIF.  Students saved the GIF to their desktop to post to their blog next week.  Students prepared the slideshow by first deleting the “items” slides and then sharing the slideshow so that anyone with the link had access.  Students set the width to 1200 and slide duration to .3 before creating and saving the GIF.  We had issues using Google Chrome as the browser on a few of the macbooks in the computer lab.  On several computers, the GIF would show downloading, but would not give the pop-up text box to name the file or indicate where to save it.  Using Safari to create the GIF allowed students to get it saved to their desktop where they could locate it to post to their blog. I LOVE the way these turned out.  Here are three student examples:

5th Grade – Students continued working through the modules in Typing Club.

Jan. 10 – Jan. 14

3rd Grade – Students learned about copyright and how it affects them by watching the two videos below.  Students then took a short quiz to indicate their level of understanding.

4th Grade – Students continued to work on their animated snowman gif in preparation of turning it in to a GIF at TallTweets.com.

5th Grade – Students continued working through the assignments in Typing Club.

Jan. 4 -Jan. 7

3rd Grade – Students practiced copying (Command C) and pasting (Command V) by creating a snowman using the slideshow created by Eric Curts.  You can find a great list of resources on his blog here.  To get a copy of his Build a Snowman slideshow, click here. Below is a sample of student creations.

4th Grade – Students are using the same basic slideshow as 3rd graders to create an animated GIF of their snowman.  I also came across this idea from Eric Curts’ blog.  Click here to see his post.  This process involves having students create their snowman using the slides provided.  Once they have their snowman created, students duplicate the slide and make a small change.  They continue the process to create an animation.  Students will delete the slides that contained the items and then go to http://talltweets.com to insert their slideshow.  This website turns the slideshow into an animated gif students can download.  Students will post the gif to their blog when the project is completed. Here is an example of what it might look like:


5th Grade – Students continued working through the lessons in Typing Club.  Our goal is to complete the first 125 lessons in the program.

Dec. 6-Dec. 10

Grade 5 – Students went to the gym to practice for their Christmas Musical.

Grades 3-4 Students participated in Hour of Code.  Students clicked on the link and filtered the activities by choosing Grades 2-5.  When the time was up, students screen captured the activity and turned it to Google Classroom.  If students completed an activity, they received a certificate of completion.  Below are just a few of the screen shots turned in.

Nov. 29-Dec. 3

4th and 5th Grade-Students completed any assignments  that had not been turned in or the class engaged in Makerspace if they had less than 3 strikes.

3rd Grade-Students posted the It’s Not All True vocabulary activity from last week to their blog.

Nov. 15-Nov. 19

4th and 5th Grade-Students completed and turned in their Countdown to Christmas keynote slide.  Now the hard task of choosing 15 to feature in Morning Announcements begins.  You can see them by watching the December Morning Announcements on the homepage of Morning Announcements of the Archived Page of the same blog.

3rd Grade-Students understand that one way to stay safe online is to realize It’s Not All True.  Students reviewed the website “Save the Northwest Pacific Tree Octopus” to see that just because it looks like the truth, does not make it true. Click on the image below to view the website.


Students then watched a video from BrainPop called “Online Sources”  to understand where and what to look for to validate information posted online.  Students learned five vocabulary terms to help them get a better understanding.  Students then completed an activity where they matched the term to its definition. The slide will be posted to their blog the week we return from Thanksgiving break.