Kahoot Part 2, Symmetry Activity, Gift Blog Post

This week, third graders finished the review for their web license by answering the last 10 questions in Kahoot.  Students stay engaged the entire time when we use this platform to review material.  We will see next week how well it paid off when they take their test for their web license.

Fourth graders are learning about horizontal and vertical symmetry.  One of my favorite activities I remember doing in elementary school (over 50 years ago!) was a symmetry activity.  We folded a sheet of paper in half to make a crease, unfolded the paper and wrote our name in cursive with a lead pencil on the folded line, then folded the paper back up to rub the lead from the marked side to the unmarked side. We used a black marker to trace the pencil lines and then got to decorate our drawing.  Mine looked something like this:


I wanted to recreate that experience for my students and have them post it to their blog.  Most of my students have not learned to write in cursive, and it requires extra steps to post something they have created on paper.  Instead, students opened TuxPaint and used the Magic Tool, Kaleidoscope, to draw a picture.  Once complete, they used the Line Tool to draw the vertical and horizontal line of symmetry.  After screen capturing the image, they posted it to their blog.  Here is one student’s creation:

Fifth graders posted their Gift of Reading slideshow to their own blog.  I love the fact they get to keep a digital copy of their creation to share with family, friends, and the world!

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