Sept. 7-Sept. 10

Things are rocking along in technology.  Monday is a school holiday.  Fifth graders are beginning to help record and produce Morning Announcements.  You can catch the daily announcements here at

3rd Graders-Third graders are continuing to learn how to log in to their blog and create a post.  This week they are understanding how to screen capture their screen and import it as an image to their blog.

4th Graders-Students are continuing to work through the modules in Digital Passport to review key digital citizenship concepts before re-taking their web license test.  This week they are completing the module called Search Shark.  In this module, students find the best key words to use in an internet search.

5th Graders-Students begin the process of learning how to touch type.  Students work at their own pace through the online program called Typing Club.

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